About Our Program

The Tradition of Fairmont City has been to look to the future for the benefit of our children and those who are yet to come.

With the closing of the only school in the area, also the social and spiritual center for the community, two hundred or so Fairmont City children have been put at risk of falling into the realms of the under-educated, under-served, and eventually, the realm of the chronically unemployed.  Attending school outside of our community, children do not have access to transportation that would enabe them to participate in an after-school program.  Where will they go to learn about their culture and community, or to develop the skills and values necessary to become productive adults and responsible citizens?

Fairmont is a town of pride - where families join together for the school picnic, Fireman's Easter Egg Hunt, and Labor Day Parade.  With a little work, we can preserve this kind of unity.

The real plan to initiate change for the young people of Fairmont City is to build.  Please contact us for the current details on our building development.